H2O2 Cleaning Services

Annie Perry
Really pleased with service and pricing from stef on my weekly house clean. Would recommend!
Joyce fraser
The cleanest clean they've ever been our windows! Great job - highly recommended.
SARah GalLacher
I've had H2o2 cleaning services clean my house weekly for almost two years. They are professional, precise and friendly. They've been flexible with me with sometimes only a few hours notice. I can't recommend them highly enough. -Customer for 2years
Isabel howieson
Its a pleasure to have Stef come to my home monthly to take care of all the hard to reach places and heavy duty stuff that I'm unable to do now." - Customer for 2years
jim Sharp
"Stefs friendly personality and helpfulness always means i use H2O2CS to make sure my house is cleaned on a weekly basis" - Customer for 3 years
Eunice Clark
 "I Always use H2O2CS to have my windows cleaned. Having a large, older property its much more comfortable to know the windows can be properly cleaned without the use of ladders" - Customer for 5 years